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What Are The Best Beaches in Mallorca?

Mallorca/Majorca prides itself on having such high-quality beaches all over their coastline and it is the main attraction for so many tourists each year. Altogether, there are over 200 beaches in Majorca, with most being facilitated for tourists. Around 30 of these are blue flag beaches so you can guarantee a safe experience with these. In this guide, you can discover the perfect beach for you to visit in Mallorca as we will filter which beaches suit your needs and how you can plan your holiday around these areas. In all parts of Mallorca there are stunning beaches so no matter where you are staying, you are guaranteed to be surrounded by top quality beaches that really catch the eye. 

It really depends on what you’re after however, we’re quite sure that Mallorca will have the right beach for you. If you love long beaches with soft sand and calm water, then you won’t be disappointed. On the other hand, if more authentic beaches with rocky shores are more your taste, then there is plenty more where they came from. Here, we are going to take you some of our most recommended beaches in Mallorca and show you some of the top picks going.

Portals Nous Beach

The Portals Nous Beach is a vibrant, bustling beach that really gives you great vibes when you’re here. It is located directly next to the Puerto Portals, a reputable marina. The sea is more than ideal for swimming in as there are crystal clear waters that are typically very calm. You’ll have the opportunity to have a go at snorkelling as well, which we highly recommend. In general, the sea is very safe to swim in, so you should have no concern over that. The Portals Nous Beach is home to some of the best water sports around, perfect if you want to try something different and exciting. From jet skiing to paddle boarding, the number of activities on offer here is pretty extensive, and you’ll be with trained professionals that won’t charge much, so it is definitely worth giving this beach a visit. Located in the south-west of the island, it is a great beach to visit on a day out if you are staying in places like Palma de Mallorca, Palmanova and Magaluf.

Cala Pi Beach

If you’re staying near the south of Mallorca, then you must check out the hidden Cala Pi beach. It is a chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of the more generic beaches in the area and lets you visit a place of more authenticity. It is a small and narrow beach with shallow waters that is located around 15 minutes from Palma airport. This makes it a good spot for families with small children as well. The bay is sheltered by a long torrent of rocks out to sea as well. It is exceedingly rare to see this beach packed so if you want a quieter beach experience then look no further than Cala Pi as you are guaranteed to receive a relaxing feel from this place and not feel overwhelmed by any sort of crowds.

Playa d’Alcudia Beach

You’ll do well to find a beach in the whole of Spain that matches the beauty of the Playa d’Alcudia Beach. In addition to that, this beach has been designed especially for families as well so you couldn’t ask for more if you were heading down here with your family. This beach quite simply ticks all the boxes in terms of what you would want in a family-friendly beach in Majorca. Gorgeous white sand alongside a calm but impeccable blue sea is the perfect location to make memories with your family. There is a huge stretch of sand as well so its great for those of you that love long walks on the beach. If you fancy a snack, then there is a whole range of beach bars, restaurants and cafes along the strip. For the kids, there is a climbing frame and wooden walkways with access to a buggy. Make sure to check out the water sports on offer here as well.

Sant Elm Beach

This particular beach has a stunning view of the island Dragonera and is home to one of the finest landscapes in the whole of Mallorca. You can access this island really easily from the Sant Elm Beach because there is a boat ride you can take from the harbour that will take you there fairly swiftly. This will only cost you €15 or so therefore, we highly recommend it. The beach itself is located in the south-west of the island, around 30 minutes from Palma de Mallorca, and is a fairly small one with stunning white sand and transparent water. The facilities here are also of a good standard with clean toilets, showers, disabled access and sunshades. In addition, there is on-duty lifeguard, which will help you keep an eye of the kids if you’re just planning to relax.

Cala Formentor Beach

Stretching for around one kilometre, the Cala Formentor is found at the very northern tip of Mallorca and has a good reputation that attracts tourists from all sorts of places. The beach itself is fairly narrow however, it is home to a stunning view over the bay of Pollenca and is surrounded by green pine forests. This combination makes the Cala Formentor beach a beauty spot up in the north and we highly recommend it for people who are after beaches with stunning views. It is not ideal for families as there isn’t a whole lot of beach space to play on however, if you’re looking to get away from families with kids then this the appropriate beach for you as its pretty much adult only.

Camp de Mar Beach

The Camp de Mar Beach may not be as popular as other beaches listed; however, it is well and truly a beauty spot that is underrated. Based in the south-west of Mallorca, in close proximity to Andratx, it is a top location to relax on the beach for a week or two. It is pretty decent in size and stretches out for a fair bit. It accommodates children and families as well, so it has all the amenities required for a top-notch beach holiday. The beach is full of soft, golden sand that glistens under the Mediterranean sun. The sea is also a spectacular sight with a turquoise shade to it that is calm and always safe to swim in. In addition, there is a unique dining area in the middle of the sea as there is a restaurant which you can access through crossing a wooden bridge that leads to it. This gives you the opportunity to spice up your meals out in Mallorca. 

S’Amarador Beach

The south-east of Mallorca is spoiled by the S’Amarador beach. Again, it is not a well-known destination for tourists because there aren’t any major resorts nearby that can accommodate guests. However, it is great for people to take a day out to explore this beach as it is a location of natural beauty and allows people to get away from more traditional, vibrant beaches that are way more common in Mallorca. Embrace the organic feel of the S’Amarador beach with its rocky inlets, soft sandy shores and deep turquoise blue sea that is ideal for swimming in. All of this together makes this beach one of the best spectacles in the whole of Mallorca and one that doesn’t get the credit it deserves.

Port de Pollenca Beach

Based up in the north near Alcudia, the Port de Pollenca Beach is renowned for exceptionally reliable beach experience and a solid area for you to go. It isn’t too loud however, there are lots of things going on at the same time. It has a long stretch of sand that is complemented by a mountain backdrop in the distance. This does truly create an aesthetically pleasing sight. The beach is surrounded by bars and shops with a number of different restaurants around as well. These are all of high quality as well, so you can look forward to some top-quality food whilst you are on this beach. There is a quite a chilled vibe up in Port de Pollenca but, there is more than enough on that will stop you from getting bored of the area. 

So, there you have it, the best beaches in Mallorca have been named however, there are loads more that we haven’t picked up on. The majority of the beaches you go to will not let you down as they are all usually well kept and clean. In all honesty, some beaches have been modified for the purpose of tourism but if you like your more authentic beaches, then don’t worry because there are many that have been untouched and remain to be a location a natural beauty. What’s great about the beaches in Mallorca is the sheer variety that is on offer. You’ll find all sort of beaches here ranging from quiet, rocky ones all the way to the more vibrant ones that have been designed specifically for holidays and tourists. With exceptionally good weather over the entire island, every beach you visit will be getting high marks from you, we can guarantee it.

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