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Mallorca/Majorca is home to some fantastic weather than nobody could hate. Clear blue skies, the sun always being out alongside a pleasant humidity will make it the ideal summer for you. With pretty stable temperatures all year round as well, you can visit Mallorca any time of the year. Check out which month suits you and plan your trip around this with our detailed guide below. 

Weather In Majorca In April

The temperature in Mallorca in April is the time of the year, where it begins to rise up and get closer to those summer months. This is essentially when the spring season begins, so you are likely to receive pretty pleasant temperatures around this time. On average you’ll find it to be roughly 12°C or 13°C for the most part of April however, you can expect this to increase as the month concludes and see it rise all the way up to 17°C. 

Whilst on your stays in Mallorca in April, there is a low chance of it raining often, but you might have the odd shower whilst you are there. Nothing to overly worry about as temperatures are pretty consistent and showers don’t last long at all. 

The sea temperatures in this heat are bearable but obviously not as good as the summer months. April is a good time to go to Mallorca with families in particular due to there being a prolonged school break in this month and the weather being good enough for you to partake in outdoor events.

Weather In Majorca In May

Midway through spring, May is an ideal time to head out to Mallorca as the weather accommodates tourists perfectly. The average lurks around the 18°C mark but sometimes does creep into the 20s. This is warm enough for shorts and t-shirt weather but not excessively hot where you’re sweating every minute of the day. 

The highest ever recorded temperature in May was up at 34°C, so the weather really can vary in May based on the stats and evidence. Nevertheless, it acts as an exceptionally reliable month and very rarely has any rainfall so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the superb weather. With the days being longer as well, you can expect to see up to 12 hours of sunshine each day, with limited fog. 

Sea temperatures are fresh but certainly warm enough to have a dip. Ultimately, the weather in Mallorca in May won’t ruin your visit, and if you’re after a slightly cooler version of Majorca, then this is the time for you to go.

Weather In Majorca In June

The weather in Majorca in June is near the peak of the best. Being the month behind the big summer holiday period, June is still a great time to see Mallorca/Majorca, despite the fact that it isn’t as popular as July and August. 

June provides very consistent temperatures and is a month that will not disappoint in terms of temperature. 

On average, you are looking at around 21°C in June, with temperatures sometimes being higher and exceeding the 25°C mark on some occasions. It’s rare that you will find a day in June that is under 20°C this month as well so you are getting a really good offer when visiting in June from the weather. 

When it comes to rainfall, it is pretty much non-existent in June with only 15mm on average for the whole month being the case. 

Expect long days of sunshine with June, occupying the longest day of the year, maximising the quality during your stay away. 

Weather In Majorca In July

July unsurprisingly has recorded the hottest ever day in Mallorca with a staggering 44°C, however, don’t worry as the typical day in July is usually around the 25°C mark which is a perfect temperature for summer breaks away. 

This has the ability to increase to the 30s as well but not to the extent where it is unpleasant. With the Mediterranean sun heating the sea, you’ll find it to be a pleasant experience where you take your first dip and it is warm enough for anyone to enter. This makes July the perfect month to have a go at water sports that Mallorca specialises in. 

With these temperatures, it opens up all sorts of activities and events and is especially good for summer parties that last long through the night with a nice warm temperature. 

From when you wake up, all the way until you go to bed, there will be a nice consistent warm feel outside, with the humidity not being too much to handle.

Weather In Majorca In August

The weather in August in Majorca has a remarkably similar feel to July in terms of temperature which makes it a great time to visit the island. August is sometimes hotter than July, so if you’re looking to get the best out of the Mallorcan weather, then August is the time to go for you.

Thankfully, there is little to no rain during this part of the year in Mallorca so you can expect blue, sunny skies at a perfect temperature for the whole duration of your stay. This means that August is the best month for swimming and sunbathing as well. In fact, the temperature of the sea is at the highest point of the year, making it a satisfying experience in the sea. We highly recommend that you visit Mallorca in August as the weather will set you up for a perfect trip away, keeping you smiling the entire time. 

Weather In Majorca In September

The weather in September in Mallorca is on the backend of the two most popular and warm months so inevitably, it will be cooler if you visit at this time of the year. 

The actual temperature in September can range from a modest 15°C all the way to summertime numbers like 22°C. The warmest days are at the beginning of the month, and it tends to get cooler the further along you go. 

Autumn is just about beginning so you may see a bit more rainfall than usual if you are planning to visit Mallorca in this month. Don’t let this put you off though because the temperature is still pleasant, and you are able to do the same things you would have done in the summer. 

It also may be less crowded and potentially cheaper in price if you book in September, so it does have its advantages. This makes September a very underrated month to go to Mallorca and one of the best.

Weather In Majorca In October

The weather in Majorca in October compared to places like the UK is completely different. When you think of October you tend to associate it with a cold and dull month however, it is quite the opposite in Mallorca. The average temperature is at an impressive 20°C and is always in between the spectrum of 16-24°C, giving you a reliable trip away. On the other hand, one downside of travelling to Mallorca in October is the frequent amount of rain there is. In fact, there is more rain this month than at any other time of the year, so it is important to be prepared if you are planning on travelling in this particular month. 

You are not going to be experiencing any snow at least, that’s for sure. Travelling in October is a gamble however, if the weather is kind, then it can pay off to be a really good month to book a trip away. 

One thing we can guarantee is that the weather will be better here than where you live during this month so you will get an upgrade for definite. 

Weather In Majorca November to March

The standard in terms of weather is not going to be up to the previously listed months from November to March. In general, you are looking at an average of 12°C during these months which might be a bit chilly for some but for you hardcores, it won’t make much of a difference. 

Usually, there are around 10 rainy days each month, giving you a 1/3 chance of experiencing rain each day. So you are more than likely to be coming across a bit of rainfall across your stay during whichever one of these months you travel in. Therefore, you need to pack appropriately, including things like waterproofs, coats and maybe an umbrella if you can fit it. 

These aren’t the best months to travel to Mallorca in as the climate is pretty similar to other European countries during this time. There is still plenty to do during these through months, but unfortunately, you most likely won’t have the nice blue skies to complement your trip away.

 If you fancy staying away in Mallorca for Christmas, then the weather won’t be amazing, however, in 2019 it was the hottest Christmas recorded in Mallorca since 1965, so things are on the up there. 

There’s nothing stopping you from visiting Mallorca during this period, but in terms of weather, you may be disappointed. Still, the attractions are still present and the natural beauty still shines in Mallorca, despite the fact that the weather is slightly under par.

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