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About Pollenca

Nestled amidst lush landscapes, rustic roads, and turquoise coastlines, Pollença is a charming town on the Northern tip of the idyllic Balearic Island, Mallorca. A blend of cultural heritage, natural beauty, and lively traditions make Pollença an ideal vacation spot for those seeking an escape from the mundane, promising both rest and discovery in equal measure.

Characterised by its winding lanes, Pollença presents an architectural panorama rich with iconic stone buildings and pastel townhouses with traditional wooden window shutters. The grandeur of the Sant Jordi church with its impressive Baroque facades, the grandiose Monti-Sion church and convent, and the Puig de Maria, a monastery sitting atop a hill, exhibit a captivating view of centuries past and adds to the town’s enduring allure.

Nature enthusiasts would undoubtedly cherish the Puig de Pollença. At 335m, this idyllic hill presents an enticing challenge and is a favourite among those who dare the ascent. Upon reaching the summit, the reward is a panoramic view of the surrounding valleys and Mediterranean Sea that’s sure to leave a long-lasting imprint on any explorer’s mind.

The serene port, Port de Pollença, dotted with yachts and fringed with sandy beaches and swaying palm trees, presents an opportunity to unwind or dive into numerous water activities such as kayaking, snorkeling, and windsurfing. Nearby, the Cap de Formentor with its vertigo-inducing cliffs and dramatic views are well worth a visit, particularly to capture memorable sunsets.

One of Pollença’s standout highlights is undoubtedly the Calvari Steps. 365 in total, each representing a day of the year, ascending these steep and storied steps provides a pilgrimage-like experience culminating at the picturesque chapel at the top. Not only does this journey cater to the spiritually-inclined, but it also rewards with sweeping vistas of the terracotta rooftops of Pollença and the surrounding verdant countryside.

Pollença’s market day, held every Sunday morning, brings life to the town as locals and tourists alike flock to stalls brimming with a range of products from fresh fruits, vegetables, and local produce to handmade crafts, clothes, and unique Mallorcan souvenirs.

As far as gastronomy is concerned, Pollença promises an unforgettable experience. It is home to a selection of eateries from fine-dining restaurants, local tapas bars to trendy cafés that serve everything from international cuisine to traditional Mallorcan dishes like ‘tumbet’, ‘frit mallorquí’, and ‘ensaïmada’.

An exciting calendar of events keeps the local culture vibrant throughout the year, with celebrations including ‘La Patrona’ in August that relives a historical battle between local Moors and Christian pirates and ‘Processó de la Darrera Pasqua’ – a lively Easter procession that lights up the town’s cobbled streets. These festivities lend an insight into the area’s deeply-rooted customs, whilst filling the town with jubilation.

Pollença is, thus, more than just a quaint old town. It’s an intriguing blend of age-old traditions and modern attractions that strike a unique balance between tranquillity and vitality. The opportunity to partake in various experiences like indulging in authentic cuisine, joining a traditional fiesta, immersing in history and nature, or merely basking in the stunning views – these are what makes a visit to Pollença not just a trip, but an unforgettable journey. With its exquisite blend of charm and charisma, it’s no surprise that Pollença captivates hearts and lingers in memories long after you leave.

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